Sing like you mean it, hey brother, sister
It don’t mean a thing if you can’t explain it
Hey mother, father

Hold on, hold on tight to memories
Stuck in time, no rhyme, no reason
Love plays for keeps, there are no losers but me

Love like you need it, be free to break into a 1,000 pieces
Did you lose, lose that feeling?
Are we oceans apart?

Did I, Did I say all you heard
Stuck in a trance, Five senses to tell you I’m a better man

It’s not enough to survive as embers
They say they say that love is blind blind blind
I know I know you feel less than mine mine
You never know unless ya try try

When I was young I was bold and I did as I was told
To the bitter end I’ll go love ain’t no potion but I get to go
I get to go with you

Goodnight baby, it’s a good good night

© 2017 words & music Caleb Guertin.

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